About the spoon

Borderline Personality Disorder. Cyclothymia. Tourette’s syndrome. Abused child. Fibromyalgia. Narcissist. Schizophrenic tendencies. OCD. (recovering) Alcoholic. (recovering) Drug dependent. Suicidal tendencies. Self harming. Depressive. Agoraphobic….Blah blah blah

Just some of the medical labels that have been applied to me over the years, not in any specific order. They have defined and molded me over time, and for a long while they WERE ME. Or rather, I was those things. And not much more.

Now, now life is different. I’m not ‘cured’ I never will be, and I’m glad as I am all these things, and more. I am greater than the sum of my parts!

And I’m improving all the time, learning to live with who I am. Teaching this damaged body and excitable mind to cooperate.

I don’t have anything particularly important to say most of the time. Just a stream of chaotic consciousness, a need to vent, to express and to connect (mostly with myself!) to make sense of the bonkers mess bursting to escape the confines of my mind.

So in short….

Mentally Unique, Hidden Disabled, Feminist, Kinky, Geeky, Poly, Squirrel obsessed Spoonie… and more!

Contains adult themes, swearing and sexually explicit language. You have been warned!


6 thoughts on “About the spoon

  1. sometimes I think you are my long lost sister or my squirrel lover in a former life. your writing style is fantastic. keep it going. writing heals in its own small way and has saved my life a few times. I still have the tear stained journal pages with the next page ripped out because I needed to blow my nose and didn’t want to use my sleeve or sock just that moment. there are other pages missing because I didn’t like what I wrote and needed toilette paper in the woods.

  2. Beautiful thoughts, M’lady. i like you.
    I need to find more time to read and learn more about your thoughts. I’m thankful to know that you exists and you are here.
    All the best.

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