Still not sure if I am actually dreaming…!

Not been sleeping well or much for months. The accumulated sleep deprivation has created many waking issues, combine those with the things that are stopping me sleeping and I haven’t felt well for a long time.

This morning I got up at 4am, it’s been getting steadily earlier for a few weeks, too exhausted to actually do much beyond have some tea & surf the interwebs. Eventually I made breakfast and went back to surfing in bed. 2 more cups of tea and a second breakfast later I was still in bed. And still exhausted.

But unlike every other day I felt that I “could” go back to sleep, if only I could silence the brain squirrels. I forced myself to lay down, curtains closed and listening to an audio drama I drifted off…!
I think I woke a couple times and it certainly was not restorative sleep but it was sleep. Horah!
Got up proper around 1:30pm.

Have spent the afternoon groggy and brain fogged with a mild headache. But it’s worth it as I finally got a long rest.