Visiting MY garden

I went into my old work today, the first time since I quit. Oh, yeah, btw I quit my job! Blimey sooooo much has happened but I’ve just not had the spoons to keep up with posts.
Anyway, I was getting really stressed and anxious about how to deal with my former supervisor should I bump into her. I still haven’t built up the strength to make an official complaint about her & the way the company handled the situation. But I took some steadying breaths, straightened up as much as I could and walked in nervous but smiling. Having decided that, despite my need to be upfront and honest, a little bit of false pleasantries while not only seemingly the standard for most work environments, would actually deny her time to prepare for the ramifications of her actions. And stop her from sabotaging any hope I have for unbiased support (she’d already sabotaged so much, i still don’t know why but have my suspicions)
I’d actually gone in for a meeting with someone else there, and my nerves about aforementioned boss we greatly diminished after that decision outside. So imagine my surprise when they told me that she had left.
Well actually, I wasn’t at all surprised! But I was kinda disappointed and felt deflated. Now I can never make that complaint, no matter how much I may want or fear it, that power to choose has been taken away from me. Fuck that’s annoying.

And now I’m annoyed at her all over again, at least I know she got some sort of slap on the wrist from the ceo after I handed in my notice. It was nice to know some people gave a shit and appreciated how hard I worked, it’s just a shame that same support didn’t come from the one person it really, really should have!


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