Hello Old Friend

I went to visit you today.

Standing tall and proud in your forever home, blanketed from the wind by a thick layer of moss. Freshly placed flowers at your feet, a gift from a friend. Looking out over your favourite house and able to admire the natural beauty all around you, any time, every day, its all yours now.

I cried, the first time I’ve cried since I got here four days ago. The first time its felt real since I got here. I walked up and hugged you, you felt warm and soft thanks to the moss, but strong and calm underneath, like the tree you now embody. You are the tree, you are the moss, you are the grass on the ground and all the plants around. Your ashes feed and nourish, giving new life to the bulbs your family planted for you. Come the spring birds and squirrels will nest in your branches while your dogs play around your roots. You may not look the same as before, taller, stronger and your colours have changed from blues to greens, but it is you, all you, definitely you.

So I finally say farewell my friend, but not goodbye, there’s a piece of you in my heart forever and if I need to see you, to talk to you directly, I know where you are. Watching over your loved ones from the great height you have now achieved, may this new life be a long and happy one, free from the pains that plagued your life before. Finally able to rest, may you continue to inspire others for generations to come in the beautiful peace and quiet that is your new home. I miss you, I love you, be well my Friend.


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