Spank you very much

Louder Than Sirens

Apparently, your sexual preferences are wrong. Sorry to say that, but it’s true. If you like watching female ejaculation, that’s filthy. If you like watching a woman straddling a man’s face, that’s disgusting. If you like watching people be spanked hard, you’re a reprobate. What, did nobody tell you?

On Monday, a new set of regulations came into being in the UK, relating to porn. From Monday, video on demand porn sites in the UK will not be allowed to show porn produced in the UK that would not get an R18 rating from the BBFC.

What’s an R18 rating? Well, it’s the top-end rating given to films by the British Board of Film Classification, and it is pretty much reserved for hardcore porn. A film cannot be released commercially in the UK without a BBFC certificate, and a film being R18 means that it can only be sold in…

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