Can I Get a Feminist Character?

Feminist in the Maddening Crowd


Meet Go Go Tomago, one of the 6 heros in Pixar’s new film Big Hero 6. She’s attending university, she’s building a kick-ass bike, she uses awesome catch-phrases like “woman up”, and has crazy talent with mechanics.

She’s also moody, dark, and kinda stand-offish. Sigh. Why can’t there be a strong, talented female that we don’t have to attach such shitty characteristics to? Her first interaction with the film’s protagonist Hero paints her as a kind of rude, unwelcoming character:

watch clip here:

I’m not saying that women have to be friendly and smiley all the time. But context is important. She’s meeting her close friend’s little brother. Would a “Nice to meet ya” be too much to ask? As a female, does Pixar feel that she have to be moody to counter-balance her skill in electro-mag-suspension (whatever the heck that is)?


Now meet Honey Lemon…

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