“Kill the Moon” – The Abortion Episode of Doctor Who

I felt this a weak episode, it bugged me for many reasons and despite the few bits of great character development I didn’t like it, was left with a niggling discomfort that went beyond the bad science (I love fantasy, it really did not work here for me) This review manages to puts so well into words what was bugging me

Beyond the Browncoat

About twenty minutes into Saturday’s “Kill the Moon,” I began to feel a sensation of creeping, speechless dread that deepened throughout the episode until it settled in my stomach like a pound of lead: am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? Is this an anti-choice ad on Doctor Who? As it turns out: yes, I was, and yes, it was.

If I interpret “Kill the Moon” completely literally with absolutely no subtext or eye to metaphor whatsoever, I can admit that I enjoyed it. There have been some criticisms of the quality of the science, but that is never my hill to die on with regards to Doctor Who or basically anything. I admit that the idea of a creature hatching out of an egg and then immediately laying its own egg of almost exactly equivalent size is … a stretch, but I can handle it. If the story…

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