The sands of time are running thin

Life (mine, friends, family) has come to an undeniable and inevitable situation. Forcing me to live up to my word and do what I’ve wanted/claimed/tried to be doing for years.

It’s smack down time

I can’t hide any more. I have been overwhelmed, there are a lot of things that now DEMAND my attention.

No more hiding, no more subconscious delaying. Time to act. And time to accept that these things take time. Where’s that patient temperament I felt I had as a child?!

Too much to explain, I shall try to get it out, in small manageable bits. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

There is A LOT of work to be done.

Big bereavement issues to work through, the dead, the dying and those deliberately left behind.
Health, work, hoarding, terror of failure, fear of finding what I want, and that I might like what I want, I might succeed, I might, one day, be happy.

And I want it all yesterday.


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