First I would like to welcome my new followers, thank you for your kind words and willingness to be exposed to my flavour of madness!

And I want to apologise to all for being so absent. I keep wanting to post stuff but life gets in the way.

There’s been intense depressions preventing me for expressing myself. Fatigue restricting me from achieving even basic needs and fun stuff that were so Spoon expensive that I had no option other than recovery under the blanket for a couple of days!

I am pleased to share that despite the lows my life in general is on an upward trend. So YAY 😀

Hope you’re all well and healthy. Take care everyone x



A little over a week ago (it was all go last week!) I had my first ever Botox injections.
Not for vanity reasons, at least not in the cosmetic surgery dead faced kind of way, but for my TS. I have had for a looooooong time a particularly painful and annoying tic in my neck, which snaps my head back and slightly to my right. I’ve not had a smooth, painless, cramp free neck for at least two years. No amount of massage or stretching could release me from the twitch. And at bad times my neck will almost lock down,  my shoulder hunched up and touching the back of my bent neck.

As this particular tic is mostly localised to a few small muscle areas it is suitable for botox, which was offered to me well over a year ago maybe 18 months. Though my appointment got royally messed up I did eventually get my consultation.

And it was at this that I allowed strangers to inject me with a toxin!

The first couple of days were very strange, I was suddenly disconnected from small and specific areas of my neck, really odd. The next couple of days I thought I could notice an improvement, but having been told it can take a few days to really work, if it works at all…. I was being cautious about getting my hopes up.

Now, after 9 days, there definitely is improvement 😄 I’m slightly less “aware 24/7” of the back of my neck! There is still a tic there though it has reduced in frequency & intensity! There has, thus far, been no significant negative impact such as (increased) problems with swallowing or loss of all muscle strength…. which would be horrible anywhere but I feel would have added impact being the neck!

I gotta say, so far I’m happy 🙂 I hope it remains or even continues to improve and I will certainly be going back for my next appointment in 4 months!!
It’s just a shame that my awful shoulder spasmodic tortures are of too large an area to treat that way.