Lend me a spoon?


So I can feel something other than unhappy, sad and rejected. I would like to feel something positive, because I have something positive to feel.

You see, I have Good news. Excellent news.

It would be so nice if I could feel the joy and satisfaction that this moment deserves, but I can’t 😦
What I can do is appreciate try to it and be thankful.

To spread some light on this. I have had a visit from the Adult Community Rehab Team (part of the pain clinic) and they can help me, in amazing ways.

I know from bitter experience that there’s a massive gap between promises made and the cold hard reality of promises kept. Though I have a more trusting feeling about this team, probably because I’ve been accessing (and was referred by) their sister service. Who so far have been great.

I hope that on a day where I have more spoons and less sadness I will be able to fully appreciate and feel some positivity. For now I am grateful that they even turned up, unlike the HTT…!


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