Open Season

I very recently had a realisation that seems obvious to me now but was a non entity beforehand.

Part, a large part, of my intention here is to share MY story. And where possible I have, in terms of now and future. The past has been oddly overlooked beyond points of reference and/or details required for context.

There has not been any sharing of historical stories, the bits of my life that have made me what I am today. MY story or Mystory as I shall refer to it (no idea if this has be used elsewhere or is a ‘real’ word already) from now.

It feels highly self indulgent and narcissistic which is why I’ve not delved into this area before. However, I am narcissistic! I gain in a positive way when I do share and, strangely, other people seem interested

Probably some form of voyeuristic enjoyment and curiosity, hell knows I generally enjoy listening to other peoples stories. Because they’re different.
I certainly gain a kind of enjoyment when I have a willing audience for my own stories, I mean beyond professionals doing their jobs, rather acquaintances and friends ASKING me questions and giving me a platform upon which I can release the seemingly endless flow of Mystory.

I shall endeavour to embrace the guilty pleasure of self indulgence and share some, all (or none) of the remembered events that made this particular flavour of crazy….!


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