If you want a job done properly…

Do it yourself.

If you can

However, when forced to hand it over to someone else, watch as they mess it up, and then be expected to be grateful and not point out the glaring fuck-ups…..

Deep breaths and meditation are the most likely way to keep that fake smile up and not punch *them* in the head. Especially when they’ve not bother to consult, as clearly specified, before making any alterations.

Now that they’ve fucked up my project, blown the budget on things I neither asked for nor needed, and are getting shirty about my querying the changes they made WITHOUT CONSULTING ME. I am being put in a crappy position where I have to play nice and be ‘grateful’ for the fuckup because they put a lot of work into messing up my project.


I had hoped to blog about something more upbeat, like my project! Once I’ve had time to process the changes and work out a way to try rectifying the mess I will probably be proudly and loudly boasting about it.
Though for now, it’s to bed with this knackered body and broken spirits, to fantasise about restful sleep and pleasant dreams.


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