Women’s Work; A post for International Women’s Day

Yes. This

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

It is a sad fact that when it comes to which narratives are dominant certain groups have louder voices than others, this is as common in feminism and the rights of women as in history or any other field. One of the refrains about how far “we” have come which can turn me into a raging ball of revolutionary anger is the women can now work idea. The myth that before women’s lib and bra burning every woman was a good little housewife with who only left the home for bridge parties and church.

Many of the core feminist texts reinforce this idea, once we were trapped, now we are free to enter the world of paid work. These texts of course were generally written by white middle class women, probably whilst their char lady mopped the floor, and au pair picked the kids up from school. Let’s not even…

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