Little miss sleepy head

Sooooooooooooooooo tired. Barely able to keep my eyes open, been this way for days. At the same time I’ve been all stressed and wound up. Until this morning when I did my mindful yoga class. it was really difficult physically, being fatigued I had to take many rest breaks and skip some poses altogether, but the class was exactly what i needed to reconnect my wandering and troubled mind and relax my body. I wanted to go to sleep in the class a couple of times, and I got home (which was a challenge doing!!) I climbed straight into bed and managed to have a nap 🙂

It’s good that I am getting some much needed sleep, a tad inconvenient though!

The yoga I am currently doing is an 8 week course, with homework, designed specifically as therapeutic for depression and anxiety. I did the course once already and found it helpful so I pleaded with them to allow me to repeat it, which they granted YAYY. I used to do yoga regularly and out of everything I have tried it has worked the best for nearly all of my health issues, reducing the levels of medications I have to take and reducing the severity of physical and emotional flare ups

It’s a very well designed course, with a fabulous tutor, and comes with an incredibly detailed handbook that goes into great detail about the biology of what we’re doing alongside the yogic beliefs and systems. Designed by The Minded Institute I highly recommend doing something with them if you’re suffering and finding it hard to manage depressive or anxious thoughts


I also discovered on my way home that someone from my old community rehab group has moved into a flat just down the road from me. Was walking a regular route to mine when in the periphery of my senses i noticed someone knocking hard on their window, I decided to turn and look, and was surprised to see someone that I know. We had a little chat and I was invited in, though in my state I graciously refused, i hope without insult. and invited them to mine for a cuppa so I think it all went okay. The encounter has naturally stirred up a mixture of feelings but over all it seems positive, which is a relief 🙂


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