Practicing positive thinking

In an attempt to not be grumpy and miserable at not having achieved all I wanted today, I decided to practice some self praise. I am learning to recognise and celebrate allachievements, no matter how (apparently) small.
So I started listing stuff in my head…

• Have done a fucktonne of washing up
• Done and hung laundry
• Taken down and folded previous wash (ready to be put away another time)
• Put away shopping
• Done some tidying
• Pushed fridge back to its proper space
• Eaten food
• And gotten lots of bed rest

The latter was not much of a choice as am suffering lots today physically, period pain is intense and brainkillers + TENS + hot water bottle + cookies are barely managing to subdue the stabbing cramping agony.

But as I’ve said, I have chosen to try see the positive in today, so the enforced bed rest was obviously required and my body was just insisting I actually do it.

Also, that list of stuff done is massive! Seriously, it’s huge, and for a day where I’ve felt like death warmed up its outstanding.

So it’s even more important to practice my self praise, because the demon inside keeps telling me I’ve failed.


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