Hugs, if wanted.

Far too many people, sadly some of them my friends, need to understand this.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

A lovely phrase I have learnt from twitter is “hugs if wanted”. When someone is upset or distressed a hug can be a wonderful thing, for other people though they can simply increase the stress, being touched can be triggering and we can never know how another might react. Often we want to hug someone because of our needs, to silence their sorrow, to feel we are doing something, to appear compassionate. Then the hug becomes about us and our ego, not about the person who is expressing strong emotion.

There is a reason for this wander around the topic of enthusiastic consensual hugging, today DLT got found not guilty of sexual assault, of groping. The news is reporting that he claimed simply to be a touchy feely kind of guy, one who hugged and had no il intention behind those hugs.

I do not have a predatory nature with…

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